7-3 check in

OverviewIn this course, the Learner-Faculty Connect assignment will be used for reflection as well as to discuss your preparedness for upcoming weeks. This is a private conversation between you and your instructor, and you are encouraged to explore the concepts presented.
PromptIn this mentor-focused check-in, you will review the Project Guidelines and Rubric document in preparation for the project that is due in Module Nine and have an asynchronous discussion with your instructor regarding any initial concerns about the same.
You are highly encouraged to continue reaching out to your instructor so any concerns and questions are addressed before the course project is due. Discuss your progress and these concerns with your instructor through this video submission
sharing your expectations and understanding of the scenario and corresponding requirements. Address the following criteria:
Share your thoughts and questions about the course project, including any questions or concerns you have regarding:
Acquisition rationale
Business environment
Executive summary (purpose/details)

Share what you learned from completing the Milestone Two assignment and any feedback you received from the instructor, including any questions you may have about the same.
Reflect on your experience working through the milestones and the process you followed. Include any aspects that stood out as you prepare to make your final recommendations in the project submission.
If you have any additional questions or require additional support from your instructor, let your instructor know.
Guidelines for SubmissionThis assignment should be 1 to 2 paragraphs.

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