Advertising Plan

In this exercise you will design an advertising plan for a company. You will pick a company of
your choice (the only criteria is that the company has to be relatively well-known to the general
public), review the company’s mission statement and strategic marketing objectives and develop
an advertising plan for the company. You will determine what product, price and place you will
focus your promotion campaign on. All of the suggestions in the paper have to be based on
concepts covered in this course. This is the main criteria for the evaluation of the strengths of this
paper. The paper should be double-spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font and allow
margins of at least 1 inch. Your paper should consist of the following sections:
1. Company background (maximum 1 page). Here you will provide some general information about the company, which will help the reader
gain an understanding of what the company does, who its target market(s) is (are) and what the
company’s strategic direction is. It should provide enough information about the company to
allow the reader to make sense of any of the suggestions you are making for the company in your
paper. So the reader can see what you are suggesting they do differently. This could be (but not
necessarily limited to) things like: description of the industry, review of the competition,
company size and history, mission and vision, current positioning, previous advertising
campaigns or target audience focus. Again, I emphasize that these are only suggestions you
should not feel pressured to write about all of these things. In the end, you should balance the
usefulness of the information for the remainder of the paper and allowed page length.
2. Overview of the proposed advertising plan (maximum 1.5 pages). Here you will provide a “high-level” overview of what you are proposing for the company’s
advertising plan and how it fits with or will influence a company’s strategic direction. Make sure
you are clear on what the price, product and place are for this promotion plan. For example, if
you are suggesting that the company should focus on a new target audience or reposition the
brand you need to explain what you’re doing using course concepts and provide justification of
why you think it is a good idea. Finally, in this section you should specify communication and
behavioral objectives that the advertising campaign will seek to accomplish and how these
objectives tie into the strategic direction you are suggesting. However, if you think that concepts
from other chapters are relevant, you should feel free to rely on them in this section as well. For
example, chapter 3 (Consumer Behavior) is likely to be relevant to all sections of the paper.

3. Detailed description of the execution (maximum 2 pages). Provide a detailed description of the advertising techniques you
suggest for the company. These should be consistent with what you outlined in section 2 of this
paper. For example (and this is only a suggestion), if you are suggesting that a company should
reposition its brand, you should discuss the approaches to positioning, which information
processing model you will rely on and why, how you will approach advertising form a creative
perspective (and why), and what type of appeal(s) and execution tactic(s) you will use and why.
4. Evaluating (maximum 1.5 pages).Here you will discuss how you suggest the company should evaluate the effectiveness of the
advertising campaign.
5. Media (maximum 2 pages).In this section, you will suggest the media channels for the execution of the campaign, explain
why you believe the media channels you are suggesting fit the campaign (please ensure you use
more than one media so it is an integrated marketing campaign). If applicable, discuss how other
promotional tools could be used to supplement the campaign. If you decide to discuss additional
promotional tools, please conceptually explain the benefit of doing so.
6. Conclusion (maximum 1 page).
This section should give the highlights of your recommendation, and discuss why you believe
the advertising plan you proposed would be beneficial for the company. Also, please outline the
anticipated outcomes of the advertising plan for the company, consumers and society as a whole.

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