Anthropology Question

You will select your
favorite 5 theorists from 5 different paradigms/schools of thought that
we have covered during the semester (from weeks 4-14, chapters 4-15
excluding chapter 11) and compare/contrast their perspectives on some of
the big questions about humanity: culture and society, human diversity
and human universals, cultural stability and cultural change, structure
and agency, and the relationship between the individual and the group
(society). You can organize it as an anthropologist doing PO with the
group would do by describing the conversation between anthropologists
who are explaining/defending/arguing with each other about their ideas
and theories. The setting is up to you. They may be in a bar relaxing
after a long day of teaching or in a more formal context like a panel at
a conference. You can make it as entertaining as you want. Your essay
must make it clear that you understand their perspectives and how they
compare with those of their colleagues. Proofread final submission.
Final exam essay will be ~5 typed pages. ISafeAssign will be used.
Theorists :
1. Gmelch
2. Kaufman
3. Chcker
4. Menand
5. Fleuriet
assignment length : 5 pages

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