Article summary plus filling up appraisal tool form

Article Summary: ( 2 pages, double space, APA 8 )
Students are required to turn in one of the SOAP notes with attached evidence-based article summary. The article should be assessed for evidence and quality level with the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice. The important information should be synthesized and the student should explain how this either reinforces what they did in clinical (as FNP student) or how it might change the care or plan of care that was provided. The SOAP note, a copy of the article, the checklist ( fill out Appraisal form that can correlate with the article) and your assessment of the article should be handed in together. Basically, you have to summarize this article (study-research) that confirm that Physical therapy referral helps to decrease disability from sciatica (in my case, I gave my patient referral for PT for his sciatica) and that’s what I ordered for my patient in my soap note).
Use the checklist from the site below to assess the quality of the evidence presented in the article. NOTE: the article or guideline should be recent (preferably within the past 2 years and not more than 5 years old).
Original Research Article or Meta-analysis Appraisal Tool:
For Non-Research Article Evidence Based Practice Appraisal Tool Article
Fritz, J. M., Lane, E., McFadden, M., Brennan, G., Magel, J. S., Thackeray, A., Minick, K., Meier, W.,

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