just do number 5 because numbers 1 to 4 are already solved included in the attached excel file. mini analytical (2)
As part of the engagement team for the audit of JA Tire Manufacturing for the year ended December 31, 2019, you are responsible for auditing the sales and collection cycle. The audit data “JATireSales.xls” is provided to you by the company. This file contains sales transaction information for the year ended December 31, 2019.
Perform the following audit procedures:
1. The company issues sales invoices in sequential order. Determine whether there are any gaps or duplicates in the sales invoice sequence.
2. Company policy is that invoices should be prepared within five days of shipment. Identify any sales included in the invoice file that were not invoiced within five days of shipment.
3. Verify that all sales included in the Invoice file are to authorized customers included in the Customer Master file.
4. Determine that the total amount of the invoices included in the Invoice file (in the Amount column) is properly computed based on the quantities shipped and invoice prices.
5. Summarize your findings. Keep your answer precise.
This mini analytical project helps with your understanding of how to use data analytics for the audit of sales invoices.
submit your own Excel worksheet along with a one-paragraph writeup.

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