Benjamin Latrobe (18th-19th century)

Lord Megabucks [the client] is soliciting qualifications from architectural firms for the purpose
of providing architectural services for a design project. Interested firms should submit a response
to this RFQ meeting the requirements set forth herein:
A) Required Consultant Services
The scope of services required of the Architect of Record is full architectural and
engineering services, including master planning and programming, for a project to be
built on a site currently owned by the client
B) Special Considerations
The design team shall have applicable prior experience in the design and construction of
____ projects. [For purposes of this assignment, fill in the blank with a project type
typical of your designer’s work.] The design team shall provide examples of completed
projects for review by the selection committee, and a list of clients/patrons, dates and
locations for major projects.
C) Proposal Format Requirements
1) One (1) copy
2) Maximum 5 pages (excluding front cover, image credit page(s), and bibliography)
3) All pages numbered
D) Proposal Content
On Cover Page:
1. Prime designer’s name
2. Contact person [student name] and UNLV email address
3. Course number and name [AAD 201 History of the Built
4. Date submitted [11/24/2021]
5. Project Type
Page 1: Information on Firm
Provide brief data sheet including:
a) Name of Primary Designer
b) Primary Designer’s Birthplace and Years Born and Died
c) List of Major Projects with name, date, location and
client/patron (if known)
Pages 2-3:
a. Approach/Methodology (no more than 400 words; include word count)
Describe your firm’s specific approach to the design process.
b. Unique Qualifications (no more than 100 words; include word count)
Briefly summarize your firm’s unique qualifications for this project and for a place in the
history of built form.
Pages 4-5: Project Experience
Provide examples (images) of three projects completed or in progress. For all projects
1) Name and location
2) Completion date or current status
3) Source of images (i.e., document source in MLA format either in captions under
images or on a separate page of Image Credits)
Document one of these three projects thoroughly, including:
1) A photograph, perspective drawing or sketch
2) Plan of main floor (or site plan if landscape architecture project)
3) Section
4) Elevation
Additional Pages Required (beyond those specified above):
Image Credits (unless included in captions)
Bibliography (corrected but not annotated)

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