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Professionalism in the Workplace Assignment is due
WhenSunday, 28 November, 3:00 PM » 3:00 PM
Event typeCourse event

Course2021F-T1 PROF1020 – Professional Development 1 07 (P01 Group 7)

Professional Development: Professionalism in the Workplace
Individual Assignment
Due Date: Sunday November 28th @ 6 pm
Late Submissions will be deducted -minus 5%
Grade Value: 20%
Presentation Style: PowerPoint 15 Slides with Title Page
1. What is Professionalism in the workplace?
a. Give examples
2. What can you do as a new employee to demonstrate you are professional employee?
a. Give Examples
3. Are there school courses you can take to improve your professionalism?
a. Explain with example
4. Explain the difference between Your Personality versus Your Professionalism?
5. What happens if you are not professional at work?
a. Give examples
6. Are you credible and trusting as an employee when your professional in the workplace?
a. Give examples
7. What are the negatives that occur in the workplace when you are not professional?
a. Give examples
8. Explain why its important to be professional during the job interview?
a. Give examples
9. Explain how you would approach being professional at work and why?
a. Give examples
10.Explain why you should be professional during company events such as a (party, golf event, company picnic)?
a. Give examples
11.Explain why your emails writing and reports at work and at school should be professional?
a. Give examples

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