Capstone Project

o Briefly what was your initial strategy and why did you develop such a strategy?
o How did your strategy change during the semester?
2. Company Operations
o Each member should briefly explain how his/her area contributed to successes/failures of the company’s strategy implementation
o You may mention specific decisions that led to positive results/negative results.
(Do not mention all of the decisions that you made and do not review your decisions period-by-period in the presentation. Assume that I am familiar with your decisions.)
– What structures/decision have been enacted for the future to make your company more successful, given its current position? Discuss some analysis of your current position, briefly provide concrete recommendations of decisions that you would make in the next period (YR 19) and justify your decisions. You can also be as creative as you want in this section. Your recommendations should be well crafted, specific and have supporting data. Appropriate answers are not “keep doing what we are doing,” “market better,” “expand operations,” or propose an unsupported, fictitious diversification endeavor.
4. Lessons
– What were the most important lessons that you learned from your experience? You will need to make this final section to effectively show why your management team is the right team for the future success of your business. This should be the “aha moment” and be rather profound. This is the final opportunity to impress the board of directors, so make sure to put great thought into your lessons.
You should strongly incorporate course knowledge/concepts and communicate that you understand these concepts intimately (this doesn’t mean that you recite the definitions of specific terms, but rather adequately communicate the integration of the knowledge acquired during the course of the semester). THIS SHOULD BE HEAVILY TIED TO COURSE CONCEPTS. It is also important that format and adequately covers each area. For example, the first section will require the least time, with more focus applied to the latter 3 sections.

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