Client Template and Case Formulation

Client Template and Case Formulation. Jacob is my client for this assessment. His father died when he was three years old, and his mother encouraged him and his elder brother to excel academically and become wealthy lawyers like their father. However, although his older brother excelled academically, Jacob struggled, and as a result, his mother emotionally abused him. This resulted in his developing social anxiety and depression because he was trying to impress his mother be perfectionistic.

You can edit or add something to the story if you want.

Remember to include:

Content issue
– History of self harm or other bad habits due to his mother and friends (you can whatever you like to this

Theory issue
– From models trying to understand where does this come from
-How is it maintianing in the present moment
– How can I change it, healing, making it more of a positive experince

Process issue
– Transference and Countertransference
– What the Client is Projecting tells alot about Previous Relationships or from childhood
(You can add whatever you want here)

I have given some examples and keep it to 2000 words -10%

Client Template and Case Formulation

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