Clinical Practice Guideline Assessment

Using the clinical practice guideline about: “Management of Stable Ischemic Heart Disease” (see link:

In a paper, address the following:

Describe when and how the guideline was developed including the strength of the evidence and what groups contributed to its development.
Compare and contrast the guideline directives against any existing standing order set (paper or electronic) in place at your organization. If there is no existing standing order set, create a standard order set. See NIH Guidelines: Clinical Practice Guidelines | NCCIH (Links to an external site.).
Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the clinical practice guideline.
Describe difficulties associated with establishing standards of practice.
Make suggestions for technical and human improvements in establishing evidence-based practice.
Reflect on new insights acquired as a result of this assignment.
Your paper should be 3-4 pages. in length not including the title page and references page. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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