Creative Writing Question

For the purposes of this assignment, please apply the following:
1-employ the strategies and tools of fiction writing (dialogue, development of characters, descriptive details of environment, and a narrative-driven plot or storyline)
2-make it personal. Whether you write from the first person or third person, this should be a personalized piece that tells a story you are personally invested in.
3-make sure the essay drives a larger theme, message, argument, or meaning. For example, the sample provided from Gutkind’s “The Art of Creative Nonfiction” tells a (true) story set in summer camp about a cast of characters. One youngster, Tommy, misbehaves to the extent that a counselor feels compelled to slap him across the face. Our author is stunned, and then ashamed, because she knows she egged the situation on. She ultimately draws similar lines of responsibility to Netanyahu, who allowed his supporters to cast an opponent ((Yitzhak Rabin) as a Nazi, which ultimately led to Rabin’s assassination. Meanings are critical to successful creative nonfiction. Look to make these connections in your essay.
4-Make sure your account is factually true. It may read like fiction, but your essay must be “scrupulously accurate and the presentation of information” (from Gutkind-pg 15)

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