Determine the considerations and adjustments needed to communicate effectively with diverse audiences

You are a professional in your field and have recently decided to change career paths. At your current job, it is clear that there is not much opportunity to move up in the company.
After a few months of applying elsewhere, you make it through the phone-screening process at LivingPlanet and are invited to interview with the hiring manager next week.
You receive the following email from Human Resources:
From: LivingPlanet Human ResourcesTo: HR@ LivingPlanet.comDate: 2/9/2025 09:22 a.m.Subject: Living Planet Interview
Good morning,
It was great speaking with you last week. The hiring manager for this position would like me to confirm the following details for your interview next week.
Before candidates interview, we ask them to create a sample communication plan to showcase their interpersonal and communication skills. We also want to assess the candidate’s ability to work with diverse audiences, as this ability is an essential skill for this position.
Please review the following instructions:
Create a communication plan to market LivingPlanet’s campaign message to diverse audiences. Attached are the profiles of three different companies, which represent three diverse audiences. Choose two of these companies to target in your communication plan. In your plan, use the demographic information provided for each company to more effectively communicate the following campaign message:
“LivingPlanet works in international environmental protection. We lobby for businesses everywhere to become more environmentally conscious. Right now, we are asking businesses to take a pledge to be more responsible and help us protect the environment. This month, we’re challenging businesses to make an initial investment to mitigate long-term environmental impacts.”
Please email your communication plan to the hiring manager prior to your interview.
During your interview, the hiring manager will ask you questions based on your plan, so come prepared to discuss.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Best regards,
Tonja ShelleyTalent Acquisition | Human ResourcesLivingPlanet

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