Differentiating by task level (Bloom) and Learning Style/MI (Gardner)

Use the graphic organizer provided in order to analyze opportunities to differentiate your assessments/products according to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. The tasks outlined below are also included in the graphic organizer.

Write N/A in any cells that are clearly not a fit for your lesson
Write Link in any cells that could potentially have a related task prior to or after this lesson
Note a blooming verb or phrase that would fit in the remaining cells
Highlight tasks as follows:
Most appealing/ready for in Green
Seem doable in yellow
Too complex or time consuming for my first year in red
DON’T FORGET to answer the questions that follow.

Based on your objectives, readiness, and ease of implementation, which areas are you most drawn to?
How does an activity like this help you think more deeply about differentiating products of learning?

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