Discussion Board # 4: Child Abuse and Neglect

Read about the case presented on:
Watch video:
1) Enter a personal reflection about this child abuse case (Minimum 200 words)
2) Enter a comment to a classmate response – Minumum 100 Words. (To receive full credit all requirements need to be met – no partial credits will be given. —— Student to reply is the following: Grego Saint-Hilaire Baby Lollipops While i was reading the case i was thinking what a 3 years old can do to someone to deserve death. This is so sad to see a three years old have to went through so much. He got beat up multiple times by his own mom. And the mom have the courage to throw his son in a bushes. The worse thing is that the nieghbors knew the little boy been beaten badly and they never report it to the police. She has been blaming her fromer girlfriend for 27 years. Before the sentenced she told the judge how much she loves the other three children and she wanted to be there for them. She also said that she is now a new person. I know people can change, i dont think she really change. She was just saying all this things because she saw she would die in prison. If she was changing for real, she would tell the judge the thruth. Even after the sentenced she still didn’t accept she killed her own chid. The judge still gave her life sentenced. I am agree with the judge because the law is the law. In my opinion, she deserves the death penalthy because what she did was very cruel.

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