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Part 1
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Effectiveness of the healthcare resources for the vulnerable in my community
The hospital is a vital and often the only source of healthcare for vulnerable communities in rural and urban areas. Some communities stand a chance of losing the healthcare resources and opportunities they need due to transformation in the hospitals. I come from a rural community, and one in five people live in rural areas of America. Therefore, approximately one-fifth of Americans are living in rural areas. Despite access to healthcare being a vital resource in good health in Latin America and any other region in the world. Rural residents encounter any access barriers (Rural Health Information Hub, 2021). Access to healthcare means using healthcare resources on time for the best possible health outcomes.
In any country, residents should conveniently and confidently access healthcare services. The services range from public health services, dental care, primary care, behavioral health care, and emergency care. According to Rural Health Information Hub (2021), accessing healthcare is vital because it improves the overall physical and mental, and social health status of an individual. Further, accessing healthcare services is critical in preventing diseases, improving the quality of life, improving life expectancy, detecting and diagnosing illness, avoiding and eliminating preventable deaths.
The government has put in place special payment programs. The programs account for the unique circumstances of the vulnerable communities. However, vulnerable communities require integrated and comprehensive strategies to reform payment and healthcare delivery. The government allows vulnerable communities to choose healthcare services considering their needs and preferences (Rural Health Information Hub, 2021). Additionally, healthcare providers and payers can collaborate and develop health strategies. The strategies enhance the healthcare services for all Americans.
AHA’s Board of Trustees formed the AHA Task Force in 2015. The task force aimed to ensure that vulnerable communities access healthcare. Apart from that, the task force examined ways that healthcare systems can facilitate healthcare access in vulnerable communities. Also, the task force identified challenges in accessing healthcare services (Bhatt

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