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The team project is designed for you to work with other people. Collaboration with colleagues is a critical element of success within a business and any other organization. The project aims to be fun, rewarding, and certainly informative. Your job as a team is to apply your economic training by investigating a U.S. headquartered international business organization and to perform an economic analysis and evaluation.
We will call this project your Global Economic Analysis – a consulting piece under the assumption that you have been hired by a Fortune 500 corporation to perform an extensive economic analysis of a current or prospective global investment opportunity or continuation within the global marketplace.
Unlike other team projects where a massive paper accompanies a formal presentation, The Global Economic Analysis will be quite liberating for many of you. The project is only an oral presentation, yet supported by a scholarly bibliography and an elegant and highly formal power point. Your team will present via ‘voice thread’ during the final week. More details to follow.
Guidelines for Team Project
Below is a guideline for the team project. Your team is a consultancy charged with the responsibility of providing the executive management of a major public company with effective insight on the global competitive landscape. Consider your audience as those who will design and
execute the general strategy of the firm. Your job is to provide a comprehensive corporate assessment and a macroeconomic analysis to support strategic decision-making.
Our team chose Vietnam with Ford
My section-( please make a slide for each one with speaker notes because I will be presenting it to the class)
3. Competitive Industry Analysis
a. Competitive environment – marketing issues, regions
b. Regulatory environment
c. Industry predictions
d. Introduction of international investment opportunity

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