ECH/301: Foundations Of Early Childhood Education

Wk 2 Team – Technology in the Classroom [due Mon]

Assignment ContentToday’s children are more technologically savvy than ever before, and many of them are ready and able to use technology in the classroom. It should be of no surprise to you that technology will be part of your classroom and your instructional activities. Therefore, it will be critical to become familiar with the different types of technologies that you may use in your classroom and learn how to implement those technologies for educational purposes.Choose an age or grade level to focus on.Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation that displays and describes the types of technology you might use in your classroom for different content areas. Explain in your team’s presentation how you could use technology in the following situations:Whole-class instruction
Small-group instruction
Individual instruction
Assessment purposes
Remediation or challenges for students
Research your state or district’s technology resources and include a slide that presents links and resources that would be helpful to teachers.Include a title slide, speaker notes, and a reference slide in your presentation. IN TEXT CITATIONS are needed on the slide and the speaker notes, wherever the information is being shared.Cite references to support your assignment.Format your citations according to APA guidelines.Submit the team assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator
Grammar and Writing Guides
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