Elon Musk’s Tesla brand

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
Robyn is the newly promoted Marketing Coordinator for Elon Musk’s Tesla brand. Robyn has studied the brand’s current competitive landscape and she is charged with strategizing their First Movers Advantage in the marketplace.

You are on Robyn’s team and she is engaging the entire marketing team in a group-thinking project. She will be reporting beck to Mr. Musk and Robin is asking for everyone’s input regarding the design of the First Mover’s Advantage strategy that she will present to Mr. Musk.
If you were taking notes at the marketing meeting, what are some of the ideas that would be most likely discussed regarding these factors:
– Fragmentation of consumer markets and media audiences
– Potential use of sales promotions and public relations
– Database marketing
– Content marketing
– How to reach Tesla’s intended target market(s) via social channels

Mr. Musk has a close set of eyes on this project so you need to
share your thoughts and ideas on a MBA-level (not merely in terms of general layperson’s knowledge).

Rather, your grade will be based on entries that include your
own cited research, specific marketing concepts

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