English Business written/ a proposal (solution) on the business problem.

A proposal (solution) on the business problem you have chosen and include visual elements that are appropriate and effective for your audience and purpose.
This assignment should be prepared as a Word doc or–even better–a PDF. See the samples in week 12.
Chapter 10 of our text is your resource for including clear visuals.
Chapter 13 is your resource for “writing winning proposals.”
There is an especially helpful “Document Design and Your Proposal” section on pages 525-526.
Adapt your proposal to the audience and purpose of your choice within your own field, job, or business.
Keep in mind that I am not your audience–I am here to help you reach the audience you choose and to assess whether your proposal effectively reaches that audience. Address your proposal to an appropriate business audience, a person or persons.
Depending on your audience, you may chose to set up your proposal as memo or a letter. This is the best way to make your audience clear up front, which is one of the key requirements of this assignment.
Feel free to be creative and to develop something that works best for you–in your chosen business context (a job you have or want to have, a business you’d like to be a part of or to own, etc.).
Length: take your cues about length from the examples in our text. Make it just long enough to reach your audience/achieve your purpose effectively with an appealing flow, avoiding redundancy and extra language.
You are welcome to imitate freely some of the samples in our text, as these are meant as models and show you the basic elements/templates for various kinds of proposals.
Also, you are welcome to take ideas from, or even imitate, the samples from previous students to suit your needs.
I have posted several sample assignments in Week 12.
The visuals should be incorporated into the flow rather than “tagged on” at the end. (One of the samples does this–please note it is not as effective as the others.)
Your visuals should not be just clip art, photos, or just letterhead (though can help, when appropriate); rather most of your visuals should present information from research and become part of building an argument for your proposal.

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