Evaluating the Impact of Technology on Organizations

Evaluating the Impact of Technology on Organizations. Part 1

In Week 5, you researched scorecards, models, and key performance indicators on which to evaluate technology and organizational change. Based on this research:

Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper that evaluates the management of technology in your selected organization to recommend best practices and improvements for technology management. Use a minimum of three key performance indicators or three areas from your selected scorecard/model for your evaluation. To facilitate the evaluation, you may use an existing scorecard/model or create one based on your Week 5 research.
You are encouraged to review your assignments from previous weeks to inform the development of your evaluation and recommendations. This assignment must represent an original paper; therefore, leverage your previous assignments as a basis for synthesis.
Recommend a minimum of three best practices and improvements in the organization for technology management based on your evaluation.
Support your evaluation and recommendations with 5 to 7 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources in APA format

Write a scriipt for a video that will be recorded that summarizes your suggestions for best practice.

Evaluating the Impact of Technology on Organizations

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