Fictional Character

1 – Choose one of the excerpts or ideas in this Unit, which would include the historical setting and period of literature.

2 – Summarize an idea, a character, or an event.

3 – Do research to get more information.

4 – Write notes about your fictionalized character, what is occurring, and what that person might feel and say.

5 – Visualize in your mind a scene and the exact words a character would feel and what the character would do in that event.

6 – Write a draft from a first-person point of view acting as that character and taking on the persona of that character.

7 – Add imagery that expresses the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing as appropriate.

8 – Including the complete plot of a story is not necessary. However, the reader should be fully aware of the character’s conflict and feelings, the reactions to an event, and what the event is.

9 – Type a 200–300 word final draft in 12-point font and use paragraphing as appropriate. Use a spelling and grammar check on a word-processing document.

10 – Have someone read your essay. Ask them the following questions so that you can make the final revisions.

• What mood does this characterization give you?

• What do I need to improve to make this a more believable characterization?

• What kind of revising and editing does this paper need?

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