Final Paper

Final Paper. 50% of your grade is on your knowledge of the material.

40% of your grade is on your understanding, or application, or analysis, or evaluation, or creativity in thinking about the material.

10% of your grade is on the elements of your writing and your presentation (including clear statement of intent in first paragraph or sentence).

General Expectations of Papers

2-3 pages single spaced.
Use only reading/lectures from the course.
Use at least two sources from the class (unless otherwise stated).
Clear statement of the intent, thesis, or idea of the paper in the first paragraph.
Informal citations, for example, “A…………Z” (ECST, p. 5).

Use either Be Good and Do Good on conscience OR Martin “What Should I Do?” AND either McCaulley OR Seitz and reflect on how McCaulley or Seitz seeks to influence your conscience or your moral choices regarding racism.

Final Paper

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