Final Project

Final Project. Skills/Goals: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Africana spirituality. Application of class resources and the use of creativity.

Descriiption: Develop your own original healing or wellness program/platform/workshop based on an AFRICANA spiritual system or a holistic combination of different African spiritual systems/religions (not Christian, not Muslim, not Indian, not New Age, not Reiki, Chakras, etc).

Instructions: In a double-spaced 2-3 page paper, write about your healing/wellness program.

Describe the program: what is it for and for what audience? Describe the process of the program and the expected results.
Indicate the costs and length of the program.
List the items/artifacts that the persons should get, if any, and their associated costs.
List the steps of the program and the goal(s) associated with each step.
Include at least two testimonies (fictional) reviewing the program.
Grading Criteria (20 points total)

Completeness and Creativity (10 points): Correctly and creatively identifies African spiritual criteria. Provides an in-depth descriiption of the program.
Originality (4 points): The program is original.
Grammar and Punctuation (3 points): Demonstrates effective use of grammar and punctuation. Includes no typographical errors.
Assignment Requirements (3 points): Assignment is submitted on time using the corresponding link in Blackboard, follows instructions, and, includes all of the requirements listed above.

Final Project

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