Final Project

You have been tasked with designing a website for a local business. You can design this website with
your own creative skills and ideas as long as it adheres to the requirements below. The site can be for a
real or fictional business, but the business should offer services which you are marketing on the website.

Your site must include the following:

􏰀 At least 3 completed/validated HTML pages with common navigation and formatting. You
should use a validated, external CSS file for formatting the entire site.

􏰀 Pages should include:

o A main/opening page

o A subpage
o A contact page with an appropriate HTML form that potential site visitors could use to

get more information. You can put a fake, placeholder link in the form’s action. You will

only be grading on the proper design of the form.
􏰀 CSS formatting/use should be comparable with the CSS used in the projects completed during

the semester. Minimal use of CSS (just enough to get by) will be rewarded with a minimal grade.
Things to consider:

o Common header and navigation (rollover effects)
o images
o image gallery
o multiple column layouts

o ordered and unordered lists
o tables
o multimedia

􏰀 All site pages should be responsive to all devices.

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