Global Studies Question

research paper
 Identify one social welfare service system (e.g., child welfare services, services to
people with disabilities, services to the poor) for the vulnerable population you would
like to research and analyze in detail.
 Investigate concerns, problems or issues facing the service system. Discuss a policy
or policies that have been harmful to the chosen vulnerable population.
 Breakdown the categories of this vulnerable group, and investigate various factors
contributing to its vulnerability (political, economic, cultural, historical, etc.)
 Investigate good practices for the chosen social welfare service system. Explore current
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interventions by identifying gaps that inform the necessity of reforming or improving
the service system.
 Analyze the interventions’ sustainability by responding in detail and giving examples
to these questions: Are the interventions sustainable? How can they be scaled up?
What are the implications for social work practice and policy?
This is a 15-page double-spaced paper, excluding figures, tables, and cover page. Use Times
New Roman, font 12-point, and insert and center page numbers at the bottom of the paper. Focus on Hati and homelessness. Child welfare.

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