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Listen to Podcast
View web links
View PDFs of artificial reefs in Florida and identify some of the construction materials
Podcast:Driving Deeper Shorts: Value of Coral Reefs(Links to an external site.)
Website:Artificial Reef (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)
What is an artificial reef?(Links to an external site.)
Course LInks:Look in the Marine Module for videos of an artificial reef in Palm Beach and Looe Key in the Florida Keys.
Discussion Topic:
Discuss some of the pros and cons of artificial reefs. Do they help natural reefs by reducing fishing and diving pressures? Are they a good way to recycle materials? Are we just dumping trash or unwanted materials in the ocean? Do they provide economic opportunities? What is your final conclusion? Continue to use examples in your discussion and reference any source material. Must be at least 250 words

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