History Question

Answer any 3 of 5 Essays. Minimum 2 pages per answer. Number your essays
1. Debate the various possible causes of the “Fall of Rome”; assess whether the Dark Ages was really a “dark age”; analyze the impact of the Germanic tribes on the late Roman Empire.2. Debate the possible reasons why the Eastern Roman Empire survived but the West did not; evaluate the relationship between the West and the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages.3. Evaluate the significance of Charlemagne’s reign as a turning point in Western Civilization; evaluate the Carolingian successes and its failures.4. Analyze feudalism, manorialism, and serfdom as necessary responses to the challenges of the early medieval world.5. Evaluate the role of the Catholic Church as a preserver of civilization in the early Middle Ages; analyze the central role of the papacy in medieval society; assess the impact of the crusades on Christian Europe, on the Islamic Middle East.

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