Management Question

Our “Ask Experience- Guest Speaker” is Patrick Stluka who brings over 40 years of Human Resource management experience to us. Mr. Stulka recently retired from Toyota North America after 23 yerars, where was Labor Relations Group Manager/Chief Negotiator. While there he partnered with International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, International Longshoremen’s Association. Prior to Toyota, he was with Libby Glass for 17 years where he was Human Resource Manager and partnered with American Flint Glass Workers’ Union.
Mr. Stluka received an MA from University of Redlands and an MBA from National University. He is Senior Adjunct Professor at University of Laverne where he has taught since 1980 and he is Command Master Chief, U.S. Navy (retired),1970 – 1993 (10 years active duty, 13 years reserve duty).
The questions he will be answering were submitted by MGT 4441 students.
After viewing the video in the link below, please write a 2 page paper on what to liked or dislike about the video and what you learned that was different from what you previously thought. 4441 Patrick Stluka Video a.mp4?dl=0

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