Mathematics Question

InstructionsPaper and Pencil AssignmentThis assignment is strictly paper-and-pencil (no entering answers on Canvas and receiving feedback). However, your instructor will likely collect and grade your paper-and-pencil work for this activity. Here are the instructions.
Write Math Interludes VIII (5 of 10) at the top of the page.
Write up each problem in this activity as if it is a homework problem from a textbook. Be sure to show your work or support your conclusion with an appropriate explanation.
Remember neatness and completeness count (with lots of whitespace between problems).
Use the slope formula to calculate the slope of the line passing through (4,−3)(4,−3) and (−2,7)(−2,7). Write the slope as a reduced fraction.Hint: see the last example on the previous page.
Plot the points (4,−3)(4,−3) and (−2,7)(−2,7) and use a straight edge to draw the line passing through them. Then use the graph to verify the slope you found in in number 1) above is correct (we did this in the video on the previous page). Note: if you do not have graph paper, you can print this grid (Links to an external site.)and use it to complete this assignment.Hint: if you need a little more instruction for this problem work through the first three items in the Kahn Academy lesson (the link is at the bottom of this page).

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