[MLA] Climate Change in Desert

Request: This task consists of writing a research paper on the climate change in the desert . This is a writing task so there should be an emphasis of academic vocabulary and correct grammar.Your role is to synthesize the current literature review on this subject and build strong arguments based on the information retrieved. It is vital to focus on the environmental issue and its relevance to ecology. The professor clearly mentioned that the work should NOT BE ABOUT HOW HUMANS ARE IMPACTED by this issue. In addition, the professor will fail any paper which contains too much filling sentences/irrelevant information that only aims to take space.
Scholarly articles need to be used for a good grade, and no direct quotations at all, and no plagiarism. The rubric is in the files section as well as the directions that need to be followed (they are all attached to this request). The work should include introduction, literature review and a conclusion. You 10 academic reference, which should be cited both as in-text citations in the literature review section but also on the reference page.
Please keep in mind that this is an urgent task so the earlier you can deliver it the better. I am already running late with this work so the deadline can NOT be extended. Thanks for understanding.

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