Module 5 Discussion: A Hamilton Apportionment – Math for Everyday Life Group 3

Solve the following problem and post your solutions to the discussion forum.
The Clarkstown Central School District covers 4 towns. There are 35 members of the school board, and the 4 towns have the populations shown in the following
PopulationTown A30,492Town B10,436Town C13,929Town D20,143The school district uses the Hamilton method to apportion its 35 board members to the 4 towns. How many board members are assigned to each town, using this method?
The following year, a new factory opens in Town B causing people to leave other towns and move to Town B. 106 people leave Town A, 493 leave Town C, and 172 people leave Town D, all moving to Town B. Now, how many board members does each town have? (Be careful. Make sure you assign a total of 35 board members).
Compare the results from the 2 years. Do you think they make sense? Are they fair? Why or Why not?

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