Mrs. Winterbourne (1996)

Part 1: Rough Draft_The Assignment: You have completed the proposal and outline, now it’s time to write the first draft of your 900 word Movie Review. Go back to the Movie Review Requirements and Overview handout to ensure that you do not miss anything.

You have already chosen your movie and completed your proposal and outline. Now you will begin building your essay.

Find information to support your ideas by selecting credible and acceptable sources – check the Movie Review Requirements and Overview handout for more details.
If you fail to include the required and acceptable sources, you will earn a 0 on the assignment and possibly fail the course.
Create and state your thesis. Check this resource (Links to an external site.) for help writing a good and defensible thesis statement.
Organize your thoughts and notes. Go back to your outline.
Write your essay – the introduction, body of the paper, and closing.
Check this resource (Links to an external site.) for assistance on writing your essay.
Check this resource (Links to an external site.) for assistance on paragraph development (how many should you have) and length.
Before you proceed, have you done the following??

Completed all of the prep work for the essay?
Read the Movie Review Assignment Steps?
Reviewed the Movie Review Prep Presentation?
Read (in its entirety) the Movie Review Essay Requirements handout to ensure you have met all of the requirements/expectations for the assignment?
Included information/support details from your 3 acceptable sources. Follows MLA format for in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

What your Movie Review should look like and contain the following elements:

Your movie critique/movie review should be focused on ONE particular aspect of the movie.
Choose ONE aspect of the movie to analyze: plot, theme, acting, direction, special effects, musical effects, cinematography, or another element that helps to create the movie.
Look back at the example essay on page 362 (depending on your book version) – The Black Panther Gets so Much Right… in your textbook and notice that the author did not write a simple movie overview; he focuses on specific elements of the movie.
The lion’s share of your discussion should focus on the aspect that you select as the keystone of the film. Like a Critical Analysis essay, this is not a summary report.
Do not simply summarize what happens in the movie. I am not looking for a movie synopsis or a scene by scene overview.
Research supported. You will use information from the movie and at least 2 sources (see below) to support your work.
Use MLA Format for in-text citations and the Works Cited page.

This paper must contain the following elements:
Introduction: overview of what the film is about and brief plot summary; the summary should be NO MORE THAN 1 paragraph long.
Identify what you consider to be the most important aspect of the film and explain why (this is the piece you are going to analyze);
Describe, analyze, and interpret the composition and design of the aspect using specific examples from the movie and backed up by your secondary sources. Avoid the use of generalized opinions such as “oh, it was a great movie” or “the acting was horrible,” but rather give specific reasons and the whys.
Conclusion: You will give your overall reaction to the film and the aspect you analyzed.

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