MySQL Question

For this assignment, you will be using FTK Imager and SQLitebrowser to analyze the Ignatius-iPhone.ad1 file.
Answer the below questions while analyzing the image.
Is this image using an HFS or APFS file system? Explain your answer and provide a snapshot if possible. (9pts)
Which iPhone model is this image based off of? What version of iOS is being used? (9pts)
Go to filesystem > private > var > Wireless > Library > Call History. Explain how you would extract the call_history.db database to evaluate in SQLite Browser? Provide a snapshot of opening the file in SQLite browser. (5pts)
In SQLite browser, how many records do you see in the call table? Explain how you would view this in FTK Imager? (9pts)
In FTK, go to filesystem > private > var > mobile > Media > Photo Data. Do you see any pictures listed in the folders? If so, provide at least two snapshots of the photos that you have found within the image. (9pts)
Parse through and analyze the image. Come up with five items that could be of interest. Explain why each item is of interest (in 3-5 sentences). Provide snapshots for each item of interest. (9pts)
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