na wk 5

It’s important to build your skills around critiquing a quantitative research study.

Assume the chair of the EPB committee has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation evidence table you prepared last week.

Utilize the same research study that you used as the basis to create your visual table/evidence table in Week 4. Review that summary and the table you prepared.

Include the following in your presentation:
Title and Reference slide
The source of the article
The issue related to evidence-based practice
The type of design that is used in the study
The study design and study outcome measure(s) as noted in the article
The study setting
The study population
The data analysis, including specific statistical tests and the reason for selecting the specific tests for the study
The results/key findings; refer to the outcome of the statistical tests and not only general conclusions found under discussion or conclusions.

You may use speaker notes if they are needed to explain something more fully. Be creative in your presentation!

Submit your assignment.

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