Need help with business project

I need you to write a Marketing Plan for a business that helps restaurants, hotels and cafés reduce food waste. Instead of throwing surplus food away they can now sell it through Surplus (our company). Through an app, the consumers will be connected to restaurants, hotels and cafés wherein they would sell it at a much lower price for quality food.Our company’s name is Surplus and we have an app that connects customers to restaurants, hotels, cafés so that surplus food or food that will be about to get rotten won’t be wasted. So, the concept is that the customers pays a lower price for the food. This business will be based in Bulgaria.
I need you to write a Marketing plan that only involves the following:Executive Summary (you only must include the main topics listed below)Marketing Situation• Industry Analysis• Competitive Analysis (Sofia2Go, you can search more on the competitors)• Customer Analysis• Company AnalysisMarketing OpportunityBusiness Model

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