Option #1: Primitives and Attributes (Sierpinski Gasket)

Option #1: Primitives and Attributes (Sierpinski Gasket). This week’s discussion has provided an introduction to working with Graphics Programming, particularly with respect to primitives and attributes. One of these applications is Sierpinski Gasket. Discuss the Sierpinski Gasket and ran the appropriate program to produce the gasket.

In your answer, specifically think of and give a real-life scenario where:

The Gasket can be utilized
Recursion can/cannot be applied
Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be two pages in length (screenshots), not including an APA title page and APA reference page.
Include at least one reference from the readings or an outside sources. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find your sources.

Option #1: Primitives and Attributes (Sierpinski Gasket)

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