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2 hours ago, at 5:55 PM
Under Minnesota State Statute 518B.01 “Domestic Abuse Act” Subdivision 2 Section B Subsection 1-7 defines the relationships between the aggressor and the victim to qualify as domestic abuse. Some of these options are not limited to an “intimate relationship” between two people. Subsection 5-7 are more focused on a dating or marriage type of “intimate relationship” between two people. For instance subsection 7 defines an intimate relationship as “persons involved in a significant romantic or sexual relationship.” This definition in my mind is the best definition of the state defining an “intimate partner.”

Minnesota Statute 518B.01 Subdivision 2. Section A. Subsection 1-3 Defines domestic abuse as physical bodily harm or injury, inflicting fear of imminent physical harm, terroristic threats, criminal sexual conduct, sexual extortion or interfering with an emergency call. All of these definitions are considered criminal under the Domestic Abuse Act.

I think the statute does a good job on defining the parameters of what is considered domestic abuse in tis section.

7 hours ago, at 12:56 PM
In Minnesota, domestic violence is a topic that is widely talked about and a serious issue that can lead to Felony level charges. According to Minnesota State Statute 609.2242, whoever commits an act as stated in the Domestic Abuse Act, Minnesota State Statute 518B.01 with intent to cause fear and or commits an act to cause bodily harm is guilty of Domestic Assault. This charge can lead to many consequences including but not limited to firearm rights being taken away, restraining orders, jail or prison time, or probation. When one commits domestic assault more than one time within 10 years, the level of offense raises. In Minnesota State Statute 518B.01, it states that if a family member or household member these acts to another family member or household member, it will constitute Domestic Assault.
One thing that I think the statutes could improve on is the psychological side of the crime. Assault isn’t always physical, it is often verbal which mentally can drain a person

peer response

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