PowerPoint Assignment: Research Project – Social Movements

Research Project

Elaborate and present a short research proposal, using PowerPoint, that develops the first steps of a sociological research. Students must create an original research project around a specific subject and ask a “research question”. The scope is to autonomously plan a sociological research about collective actions, social movements, or immigration today. Particularly, you will develop three steps:

Select and describe the Subject of your research

Formulate a Research Question (if you were a sociologist, preparing your sociological research, what would you investigate and why?)

The topics (collective actions, social movements, or immigration today) can be related, but not limited to: Environment, Health, Ethnic Relation/Race, Gender, Immigration, Economy, Education, Politics, and Religion.

Examples Used (DON’T USE THESE FOR POWERPOINT ALREADY USED): #FREEHAITI, Defending Democracy in Hong Kong, The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, The Death of Democracy in Myanmar.

Slide that SHOULD be included in Powerpoint:
– Insight (historical context, recap, what’s it about?)
– Pivotal timeline points (key events)
– Any recent news on the movement?
– Research Question: A question that inquires into a specific concern or issue. A debatable question. (must be the last slide of the powerpoint)

Example of a research question (DON’T USE): “Does the social class of protestors influence the success and effectiveness of the movement?”

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