Psychology Question

What was your personal fable (fantasy or daydream) as a teen? Secret identity? Superhero? What were you able to do? Explain why you had this fable. Bullies at school? Absent parent? How did the fable help you cope with your life?
Were you invulnerable to death or pregnancy? How did you tempt fate? Did this lead to bad decision-making? What was the result?
If you don’t remember having a fable, make one up! Be creative!
Remember this is your fable as a teen, not a young child. Again, write what you remember or make something up, but I want to see inside the mind of your teenage self!
Sample Personal Fable
Papers must be 600-850 words long, double-spaced, 1″ margins, and uploaded below. Please run your spell-check beforehand! Try reading your paper out loud. This is a great way to catch errors. If you need help with writing your paper, please make use of Pisces Tutoring Writing help. You may want to see how to do this on the Online Tutoring page. If you don’t know how to upload your paper, read these instructions.
College guidelines on plagiarism are strictly enforced. Original work is expected; copying off the internet is considered plagiarism. Quoting a source is fine when necessary, but sources must be cited.

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