Python Question

Download courses.txt. This is the same set of data that you used in the previous assignment, but stored in a text file instead. Put this text file in the same folder as your Python program.
DirectionsRewrite your program from Unit 5 so that it reads strings from the file and builds the list courses instead of defining all the data as part of your program itself.The file aspect should be the only thing that you change – the rest of the program logic should remain the same.Note that when reading from a file, each line contains a newline character, ‘n’, which will cause your table to be double spaced. See the string method .strip() in Chapter 9.5 for an easy way of fixing this.
Add your test cases from the program in Unit 5 at the end of the text file.You can edit the text file with Notepad, or IDLE, or Thonny or any text editor on your system.

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