Qualified Immunity

Read the linked articles addressing Qualified Immunity issues.
This assignment will require your review of several articles addressing the recently controversial doctrine of qualified immunity. Recently, legislative bodies have considered legislation removing qualified immunity as a defense for law enforcement officers in civil litigation. As this consideration is given, note that the same legislatures are not seeking the removal of qualified immunity for their legislative actions (i.e…. rules for thee and not for me).
1.Discuss the benefits and detriment of qualified immunity as a legal defense for public officials.
2.If qualified immunity is allowed, what is the remedy when “good faith” actions result in harm Should ignorance be excused?
3.Should insurance for intentional discrimination be allowed? Does this form of insurance promote discrimination by public servants or protect the public against losses resulting from discrimination.4 additional sources needed other than the text Administrative Law for Public Managers, 2nd Edition Ed
Additional resources

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