1) In a few sentences, name 3 great wellness habits already in place in your life, that will serve you well as you age. Habits can pertain to fitness, nutrition or cognitive/emotional wellness.
2)In a paragraph of 350-400 words, write a current habit you have that impacts either your cognitive, emotional or physical wellness. Specify the cue, routine, reward that you currently experience and what you seek to change. Look at the flow chart in Chapter 7 and identify an alternative routine, which would give you the same or comparable reward. Use the verbiage (which is on the flow chart) to write your plan.
3)In 400-500 words: Circling back to Chapter 1, identifying your end game vision, has that vision changed in the last 3 months? Construct an overall wellness plan, which includes short term goals for your mental health, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, nutrition and weight control. What weekly and monthly markers need to be reached? These measurable objectives will put you on a trajectory toward your end game vision.

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