Randomized Control Trial Study (COPDF) and Cohort Study (Dietary Inflammation)

Module 5 Discussion Instructions Risk of Bias Assessment

Risk of Bias
Goal: To complete a Risk of Bias Assessment in the same way that researchers would when putting together a systematic review. See appended rubric and instructions below.

What: Here, you will use the appropriate Risk of Bias tool to appraise the papers you reviewed in the M3/M4 Study Guides. See below for more details.
Why: This Risk of Bias Assessment and subsequent consensus is the same process that systematic reviewers go through when pulling a systematic review together. They individually appraise studies based on a risk of bias tool to then come together and form a consensus on each point. Since we’re covering systematic reviews in this module, this exercise is helpful to understanding how this process works.

1. The format should be APA style
2. Refer back to M3 and M4 Study Guide Discussions (attached). You’re going to use your assessments and final evaluations (attached) in this discussion as well.
3. Compare group work (different colors are different answers from a group) with the risk of bias assessments provided in the course resources. (attached)
o The Cochrane Risk of Bias Assessment (CROBA) should be compared with the questions on the M3/4 Study Guide for Controlled trials.
o The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) should be compared with the questions on the M3/4 Study Guide for either Cohort or Case-Control studies (be sure you use the correct NOS that aligns with your prior study design).
#5. Be sure your post covers the following:
A. Which domains of the CROBA and/or NOS align with which questions on the M3/4 Study Guides?
B. What would your overall risk of bias rating for each study be?
C. Provide a rationale for your overall risk of bias rating for each study. You may want to reference/include the ratings from your group study guides and/or the individual domain ratings/descriiptions themselves.
Respond to point #5 above (example attached)

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