Read and answer the question flowing Instructions (first, second and Conclusion)

You are busy, but you need more customers. All your time is spent doing the day-to-day business operations. The question you have is how to add lead generation and customer management with limited time and a limited budget? You ask some business owner friends how they manage everything, and they tell you with an integrated CRM strategy. What would an CRM strategy look like for your business?
First, search for a company that has a lead generation and customer management strategy you think would work well for your business. (You may want to sign up for loyalty programs from some of the businesses you currently do business with to see what they do

Second, describe what they do. How do they get leads, how do they convert them to customers, and then, how do they manage customers?

Conclusion: how will you integrate elements of their strategy into your lead generation and contact management system?
Instructions for your submission:
 Open a Word document and create your document.
 In the header add your name and Chapter 8: Cohesion Case
 Use complete sentences in paragraph form.
 At least 1 page in length to fully answer the questions:
 Times New Roman 12
 Double-spaced
 One-inch margins
 No cover page or abstract required
 Complete Sentences

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