Reading Respond

Reading:Giovanni Botero, On the Causes of the Greatness and Magnificence of Cities (1588), trans. Geoffrey Symcox(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012), pp. 3-7

Provide a short summary of Botero’s causes of greatness and magnificence of cities•One of the claims mentioned in the writing can be discussed more in detail than the others

Provide a critique of the idea(s) presented.•Do you agree/ disagree?•Would the idea(s) fit into contemporary context?

Be specific and analytical•Feel free to provide your own opinions•Draw on prior knowledge and experience•Use short, easy to read paragraphs and sentences•Footnotes / Endnotes can be included•Can be used when referencing pages in the Reading, to be in the CMOS format.

A reading response tells the reader what the essay means to you with examples drawn from the text. •Assume the reader is familiar with the text –don’t have to summarize everything!

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