Report for manufacturing process product

please see the instruction file. everything is done CAD files are done just the report is left. Picture will be added later.

cover. (1 page). Title of the project and names of all the participating team members.
foldable skateboard with hinges

2. Problem Description and Market. (1-2 pages) (a) Problem description. (b) Description of the proposed solution. (c) Advantages and disadvantages in comparison with similar existing products in the market. (d) Identification of potential customers for the product, how the product aims to benefit them, and potential annual market. 3. Product Design and Engineering Specification. (depends on the design) (a) Description of product design, components, features, and analysis. (b) SolidWorks CAD design/drawing (front, top, side, and isometric views) of the final product assembly and each of its components with dimensions and tolerances. (c) Material requirements and justification for the actual product. 4. Process Plan and Tooling for Manufacturing. (depends on the design) (a) Description and justification of the manufacturing process(es) used to manufacture the prototype(3d printing).

(b) Selection of manufacturing processes, tools and machines to be used for manufacturing the actual product along with justification. (c) Sequence of operations for completing the actual product. 5. Time Table for Completion of the Prototype.(1 page) Time table and task assignment (to each team member) for completion of the project. 6. Results and Illustrative Examples. (3-5 pages) (a) Illustrative examples of the manufacturing process steps and pictures of the prototype. (b) Illustrative examples of the manufacturing processes for the development of the proposed product (actual product), and the expected final product to be launched to the market. (c) Potential social and environmental impact of the product. (d) Suggestions on the future development plan for mass production of the actual product. Requirements for the Semester Project: 1. The project will be graded based on the following: (a) Originality, safety, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability of the prototype and the

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