Reporting Recent Ethical Computing Issues

This group project requires students to research moral and/or ethical issues that occurred during the past five years in the computing world. Each group needs to identify and investigate only one ethical issue and submit a report that addresses the following:
Description of the computing matter (products, devices, services, etc.) to which the ethical issue has occurred in.
Description of the involved employers and/or employees.
Description of the ethical issue. Discuss all related technical or scientific details.
Did any major news organizations publish it? List at least 3 sources with the appropriate references to locate articles in the reference page.
Discuss the facts and different opinions about the selected ethical issue. Explain legal actions taken.
Why is the issue important to society? Discuss the impact of your selected case—the effect on the industry, economy, people, etc.
Finally, briefly explain your personal opinions as a team about the ethical issue. Show any personal arguments, disagreements or conflicts raised.
Your submitted report must:
demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge of the selected ethical issue.
follow the IEEE Publication style in preparing references.
be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.
have a title page that includes the title of the ethical issue, the group number and members(I will do it myself). It also needs to include a percentage of involvement for each group member along with a brief description of what each member contributed.(I will do it myself)
be 4–6 pages in length (double-spaced), not including the title page and references.
page size: A4, all margins: 1″, font: time new roman, size: 12, headings: bold

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