Research Powerpoint – Sex Ratios in China: A Result of the One Child Policy

Topic – Sex Ratios in China: A Result of the One Child Policy
You will research and present on a family-related sociological topic.You will prepare a brochure on your topic to be posted.(it is recommended that you use a program such as Microsoft Publisher).Your brochure must include a complete and accurate citation list, so be sure to leave space for this during the design stage. Your brochure should highlight key points from your research and should be formatted both creatively and clearly. You will also present your research by recording an uploading a video presentation using Mediasite (presentations should use PowerPoint or Prezi and be approximately 10-15 minutes).Your presentation will expand on your brochure by including examples and illustrations from your research, as well as highlighting your research findings.Your research should concentrate on academic and scientific sources.(try the library first), rather than popular sources (magazines, newspapers, or websites, although you may use these sources to support your other research). You may not use Wikipedia or dictionaries/encyclopedias. You must have at least seven sources and at least four of those must be academic in nature.
Note: I will create a Video out of Powerpoint. This listing is only for Powerpoint research. I will make brochure. minimum of seven sources with 4 being academic in nature. plan on 10-15 slides because it needs to be 10 minutes long. for powerpoint content, keep detailed notes (100-150 words) to say within a minute as a comment/note. Thank you.

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