Rhode Island Supervised Drug Consumption Centers and Public Health Outcomes

Your paper should include the following elements of an F31, following all page and formatting guidelines at the URL https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-18-671.html (Links to an external site.). The topic is Rhode Island Supervised Drug Consumption Centers and Public Health Outcomes. Please use interview as the main method.

Part 1: Specific aims (1 page):

• State concisely the goals of the proposed research and summarize the expected outcome(s), including the impact that the results of the proposed research will have on the research field(s) involved.
• List succinctly the specific objectives of the research proposed (e.g., to test a stated hypothesis, create a novel design, solve a specific problem, challenge an existing paradigm or clinical practice, address a critical barrier to progress in the field, or develop new technology).

Part 2: Research strategy (6 pages):

• Organize the Research Strategy in the specified order and use the instructions provided below unless otherwise specified in the FOA. Start each section with the appropriate heading – Significance, Innovation, Approach.
• Significance:
o Explain the importance of the problem or critical barrier to progress that the proposed project addresses.
o Describe the theories guiding your research questions and causal inferences.
o Describe the scientific premise for the proposed project, including consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of published research or preliminary data crucial to the support of your application.
o Explain how the proposed project will improve scientific knowledge, technical capability, and/or clinical practice in one or more broad fields.
• Innovation
o Explain how the application challenges and seeks to shift current research or clinical practice paradigms.
o Describe any novel theoretical concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation or interventions to be developed or used, and any advantage over existing methodologies, instrumentation, or interventions.
o Explain any refinements, improvements, or new applications of theoretical concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation, or interventions.
• Approach
o Describe the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the project. Describe the experimental design and methods proposed and how they will achieve robust and unbiased results. Include how the data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted, as well as any resource sharing plans as appropriate.
o Discuss potential problems, alternative strategies, and benchmarks for success anticipated to achieve the aims.
o If the project is in the early stages of development, describe any strategy to establish feasibility, and address the management of any high-risk aspects of the proposed work.
o Explain how relevant biological variables, such as sex, are factored into research designs and analyses for studies in vertebrate animals and humans. For example, strong justification from the scientific literature, preliminary data, or other relevant considerations, must be provided for applications proposing to study only one sex.

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