Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt. You need to fill in the blanks of the questions below from the websites linked .

THE INTERNET: Go to the “Online and Social Media” tab in the interactive 2019 Media Use survey by NU-Q.

What percentage of people use the Internet in the Middle East according to the NU-Q report? __________.
In what year was this data collected? __________.
What is the percent change in Internet use between indicated between the 2013 reporting of the Middle East data and the most recent reporting? ________.
In 2019, which country in the Middle East reported the highest percentage of adults using the Internet? And What was the percentage? _______.
Which country reported the lowest? And What was the percentage? _______.

MEDIA ATTITUDES: Now, let’s look at what others report in terms of media use and attitudes. Navigate to the Cultural Attitudes sectionof the interactive site for the 2018 Media Use survey.

What percentage of MENA respondents believe that people benefit from watching content from different parts of the world? ______.
Which country seems the most progressive in this regard? ____. The most conservative? ______.
What is the trend between 2018 and 2016? _____.
MEDIA USE: Let’s go back to the 2019 survey. Navigate to Media Use by Platform tab in the left-hand column .

What are the 3 media activities respondents in Qatar report ever doing?
Now, look at just 18-24 year olds. Do the answers to either of these questions change?
If so, how? ____.
Which country’s respondents watch TV in Arabic the most? The least?
Which country’s respondents binge-watch TV the most? The least?
SOCIAL MEDIA: Head to the Social Media tab.

According to the survey, rank the social media platforms from most popular on average to least popular on average for Qatar ____.
How does that change when you single out only 18-24 year olds?
What about among 18-24 year old females versus males? _____.
Looking at Qatar, what are the major reasons 18-24 year olds use YouTube?
List the three top countries according to the survey where users post or share own multimedia content created by self?

Scavenger hunt

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